Dating fatherless man

One of the most difficult challenge’s I faced in my life was dealing with the absence of my father for most if not all of it.I was raised in the home by my mother and grandmother.She states, “Fatherless daughters speak their fathers’ names, see their fathers’ faces, and desperately try to recapture their fathers’ love with every man they meet” (p. – Women who fall under this category fear rejection, abandonment, and commitment.These women are constantly plagued with questions of whether they will be rejected and abandoned.They believe that they must not be deserving or lovable.Children also develop the belief that the absent parent is bad and so, through genetics, they must also be bad.Without those interactions, men can grow up to be unsure of how they should behave as husbands and fathers.Adolescent boys look to their father figures to tell them if they are good enough to be men, writes psychologist Frank Pittman, in an article for Psychology Today entitled “Fathers and Sons.” Without paternal approval, adolescent boys experience emotional pain, which can lead to attempts to prove themselves.

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When a parent is absent, writes psychologist Alan Schwartz in his Mental article “The Politics of Divorce: When Children Become Pawns,” children may blame themselves, believing there is something wrong with them.

A woman may feel that dating someone who has traits similar to her father may be the best approach to having such a relationship.

However, there is more at stake than just feeling safe and secure when dating a father figure type.

This results in their doing things that, rather than make a man want to stay, ends up driving him away, thus fulfilling the self-fulfilled prophecy that no one wants them.

According to Barras, these women are in constant search for their fathers.

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