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Princess Olympia of Greece turns 21 this month - on July 25, to be exact - while her father Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, turned 50 on May 20.So it seems the father-daughter duo decided to meet in the middle and throw one giant party to celebrate their milestone ages.Breast cancer has been the most common cancer in the UK since 1997, despite the fact that it is rare in males.It is by far the most common cancer among females in the UK (2014), accounting for 31% of all new cases of cancer in females.[1-4] In 2014, there were 55,222 new cases of breast cancer in the UK: 54,833 (99%) in females and 389 (1%) in males, giving a female:male ratio of 141:1.[1-4] The (AS rates) are significantly lower in Northern Ireland and Scotland compared with England and Wales (females only).As a last resort, Andrea planned to have her coccyx removed, but was devastated when she attended a pain management clinic at St.Vincent's Hospital in January 2010 and discovered the pain was never going away.Rates drop slightly for females aged 70-74 and then increase steadily to plateau in the 85-89 and 90 age groups.[1-4] Breast Cancer (C50), Average Number of New Cases per Year and Age-Specific Incidence Rates, Females, UK, 2012-2014 For males, age-specific incidence rates rise steadily from around age 50-54 and then more sharply from around age 85-89.[1-4] Breast Cancer (C50), Average Number of New Cases per Year and Age-Specific Incidence Rates, Males, UK, 2012-2014 For female breast cancer, like other cancer types with a screening programme, incidence increases rapidly at the age screening starts, as prevalent cases are identified.Incidence then tends to return to the usual pattern of gradual increase with age – as seen for male breast cancer.

Facebook has lifted the veil on the processes it puts into action when one of its 900 million users reports abuse on the site, in a post the Facebook Safety Group published earlier this week on the site.

Facebook has four teams who deal with abuse reports on the social network.

The Safety Team deals with violent and harmful behaviour, Hate and Harrassment tackle hate speech, the Abusive Content Team handle scams, spam and sexually explicit content, and finally the Access Team assist users when their accounts are hacked or impersonated by imposters.

This largely reflects cell DNA damage accumulating over time.

Damage can result from biological processes or from exposure to risk factors.

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