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The Koh Samui police commander said they checked with nearby hotels and were convinced the man in Monday’s incident was a Spaniard who had just checked into the Grand Sea View Hotel at midnight the night before. Police said they found his friend, who had booked the room for the two to share.After talking to his mate, Paithoon said police assumed the man didn’t want to bother his friend when he came back with a woman in the morning, so he took her out to the beach instead.What did he say, though, in the video that provoked the outrage in the first place?Here’s the full transcript of the video making the rounds on social media.They first explain how they ended up together, before getting into the details of their relationship's downfall — and suffice to say by video's end, the internet had found itself a new enemy.

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Is this person asking you to keep your contact secret, threatening to post the photos or videos of you on the internet or share them with your friends and family if you don’t send more or pay money? It was said to have been filmed at about am at a seaside road at Nathon Beach.The video drew massive criticism on social media, where many expressed their disgust and urged the police to take action.But all in all a good show which is a quality 1 hour episode and it never has you bored.And yes that is the biggest Dildo I have ever seen.

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