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Impacts/successes: They are into their second academic year of interaction with school classes and are on their second trip – the first was through the Americas. They just welcomed the second travelling couple of ‘Vi A Ambassadors’ Hannah and Mathis, who will help spread even more visions of positive and important change around the world with young people back home.

Thanks to them the “Sustainability Adventure” will be brought also to German school classes – starting with January 2015!

If everyone in the Bitcoin community were superrational, they would all come to the same scaling solution and would all cooperate to make that solution happen.

The question is, how do you promote superrationality?

Further info: Personal reflections: Forum Vi A has its focus on youth, travel, providing inspiration and finding real life examples of good practice towards living sustainable lifestyles, all ingredients which Seek The Change shares too.

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Clients include individuals, small companies, medium-sized privately held companies and publicly-traded companies. (Taught aspects of the on-line business environment such as jurisdiction, sources of regulation, on-line contracting, trans-border data flow, technological restrictions; data havens; privacy; defamation; obscenity; indecency; copyright; trademark; trade secrets and computer crimes.)Computer Crime, Information Warfare & Economic Espionage, F1999, F2000, & Sp2002. Internet, copyright, trademark, information technology, and entertainment law.Served on the firm technology committee that was responsible for analysis, selection, budgeting and implementation of firms technology needs.Generated more business than any associate at the firm at the time.Primary attorney on five ICANN domain name arbitrations.Assembled a coalition of plaintiffs and successfully litigated a lawsuit involving on-line copyright infringement (direct and third-party liability as well as copyright management information tampering), and violations of right of publicity law.

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