Ssh error validating server certificate

The hash of the data is then encrypted with the private key that corresponds to the public key in the certificate being presented to the server.To authenticate the binding between the public key and the person or other entity identified by the certificate that contains the public key, an SSL-enabled server must receive a answer to the first four questions shown in Figure 5–10.SSL-enabled servers can be configured to require client authentication, or cryptographic validation by the server of the client’s identity.When a server configured this way requests client authentication separate piece of digitally signed data to authenticate itself.I attempted debugging a bit and the certificate validation is failing in cert.go, line 205 Invalid certs detected; regenerating for 192.76 Copying certs to the local machine directory... Setting Docker configuration on the remote daemon... I built #2006 and copied and to the Docker Toolbox installation directory. If you have time to update the output you get, that'd be just great. Here's the new output: Let me know if there's another way to go about debugging the connection problem.

The certs are never regenerated and copied successfully so all attempts to connect to the machine and use docker fail. I pushed a couple more commits on the PR to print more information and try things.I've verified that the docker daemon is running: Sl /usr/local/bin/docker daemon -D -g /var/lib/docker -H unix:// -H tcp:// --label provider=virtualbox --tlsverify --tlscacert=/var/lib/boot2docker/--tlscert=/var/lib/boot2docker/--tlskey=/var/lib/boot2docker/-s aufs are generated server side by a startup script in the boot2docker OS and not used for anything in the current Machine model (they are a relic of how boot2docker-cli historically expected the certificates to be set up)[email protected] Can you try connecting to the docker daemon using curl?The server uses the digitally signed data to validate the public key in the certificate and to authenticate the identity the certificate claims to represent.The SSL protocol requires the client to create a digital signature by creating a one-way hash from data generated randomly during the handshake and known only to the client and server.

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