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Wow…gay but has sex with every woman I meet…LOL…this sh*t is a laugh! You got kicked out of En Vogue & they didn’t even want to FACE you because you are the most DIFFICULT person in the world to deal with!

Well…since she felt the need to have her sister & a few of her closest friends come over here let me give you all the REAL reason why I left Dawn’s ass!!! They left you sitting at a photo shoot for the last album & didn’t tell you where they were at shooting the EV3 cover without you…remember that???

Ice Cube has created a league that is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while.

But the past few years have been a rocky road for the once platinum-selling quartet: Two members were dismissed, management issues plagued the group, and a verdict was handed down in a lawsuit that left two members stripped of their rights to use the group’s name professionally.In an interview with Juicy Magazine, ex-member Maxine Jones, 52, is speaking out against her former groupmates Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron---who are currently touring as a trio using the group's moniker alongside new member Rhona Bennett---and Dawn Robinson ("She's Looney").ON LOSING THE RIGHT TO USE THE EN VOGUE NAME TO HER FORMER GROUP MATES, CINDY HERRON AND TERRY ELLIS: “It’s been difficult, and it’s been difficult mainly because I feel like all the years I spent there and what I helped to build – you know, 30 million records sold – and what my input…and to just have nothing to show for it.READ MORE Although the iconic Aretha Franklin announced, a few months ago, that she’ll be retiring in the near future, she may want to consider making the future nearer than she probably would like to. Winfrey’s price tag began accumulating long before Oprah was THE Oprah Winfrey- the ?READ MORE Word on the Old School curb is that Simon Cowell, co-creator of the X Factor contest show, has a serious problem with his former American Idol contestant, Jennifer Hudson.

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