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Your Window is not implementing the necessary data binding notifications that the grid requires to use it as a data source, namely the INotify Property Changed interface.

Your "Name2" string needs also to be a property and not a public variable, as data binding is for use with properties.

@Mark Richman By external class, what do you mean by that? And are you sure it's not really updating the progress bar? @John Gardner Because if it is implemented the correct way then he wouldn't encounter weird scenarios like this.

Using a concept that is not suppose to be used for instances like this is just not right.

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For instance, if you loop through a collected list of files while checking each of them, you can set the Minimum property to 0, the Maximum to the amount of files in your list, and then just increment as you loop through it.Implementing the necessary interfaces for using an object as a data source can be found here.WPF provides a simple and powerful way to auto-update data between the business model and the user interface. Everytime when the data of your business model changes, it automatically reflects the updates to the user interface and vice versa.This is evidenced by your complete log history, but nothing changing on the UI.Overall, this answer moves toward what others have suggested in their commentary: namely that the MVVM approach of binding has a lot to offer.

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